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Who is MrForm for?

MrForm is for people who fill out forms and people who need forms filled out.

What does MrForm do?

  • MrForm allows people to fill out an internet version of your form.
  • Your organisation can then manage the information collected and process payments where required.
  • You can also send mailouts and export the information to your local system.

What type of forms can MrForm handle?

MrForm can handle all kinds of forms, from registration forms and booking forms to order forms, applicaiton forms and survey forms. Whatever the form chances are that MrForm will be able to handle it.

Why should I use MrForm?

  • Efficiency.

    • When Joe Customer fills out your pen and paper form someone in your organisation will inevitably end up typing that information straight back into your database! With MrForm, Joe Customer does the typing, cutting out an unnecessary step and saving you time and money in the process.

  • Cost savings.

    • With paper, printing, envelopes and postage charges it's easy to see how the cost of sending pen and paper forms can quickly add up, and that's not to mention the time and hassle factor. Why bother? Since MrForm is purely electronic the above costs and hassles are eliminated allowing you to sit back and relax.

  • Automation.

    • With MrForm you can customise your own electronic receipt that's automatically generated and delivered to your customer's inbox. Simple and effective.

  • Flexibility.

    • Forms change, but how easy is it to change yours? What happens to the forms you've already printed? With MrForm you can change aspects of your form quickly and easily day or night, that's feedom.

  • Speed.

    • As traditional forms rely on the postage system it may be days before you are able to process your customer's form. With MrForm you can access the info moments after it's entered, you're in control.

How are payments processed?

You nominate the methods that your attendees/customers can pay you by, and collect all payments.

Payment methods include cheque, internet banking, telephone banking, branch deposits and of course credit card.

Credit card information is collected and stored securely using SSL technology and database encyption techniques.

Note: You must manually process the credit card details using your credit card machine or the internet. Processing does not occur in real time.

Can I try a demo?

Sure, click to try filling out a form or access the administration area (the username and password are both "demo"). These pages will open in a new window so when you've finished just close the window.

How much does MrForm cost?

Setup cost per form: $60 - $600* NZ. Price varies depending on complexity.
On-going costs: None if form is not needed on an on-going basis, otherwise options available starting from $90 NZ per year.
(*) Prices above are for average forms, we reserve the right to quote above these prices. We may quote prices in other currencies for international customers.

How do I get started?

If your form is relatively straight forward, just fill out this online application form. If your form is more complex then click to contact us regarding what you have in mind.

What if I have more questions?

Please contact us.