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Why make your own when MrForm can make one for you?
MrForm turns your old pen and paper forms into electronic forms that people can fill out online.
You can then manage the information collected from a secure login area.

  • Registration forms for conferences, camps and sports events.
  • Order forms for small business.
  • Booking forms for backpackers, motels or venue hire.
  • Donation forms for charity organisations.
  • Application forms, survey forms or other types of forms.
  • Save time - client enters data, not you.
  • Save money - reduce printing and postage costs.
  • Save hassle - client can fill out forms 24/7. You can easily manage data and process payments.

Setup cost per form: $60 - $600* NZ. Price varies depending on complexity.
On-going costs: None if form is not needed on an on-going basis, otherwise options available starting from $90 NZ per year.
(*) Prices above are for average forms, we reserve the right to quote above these prices. We may quote prices in other currencies for international customers.

Quality Service - Personal Guarantee

I believe MrForm offers an affordable, high quality service. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with any aspect of the service you receive, please let me know. I will fix the problem or refund your money.

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